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Another grass snake found in Utah!

Another grass snake found in Utah! In the early morning hours of May 10, 2018, a grass snake was found in Riverdale, Utah. This is the second such snake discovered in the state this year; on March 2, another grass snake was found in West Valley City. Grass snakes are fairly common in the eastern United States but are not typically found in Utah. The harmless snakes can grow to up to five feet long and feed mainly on small prey such as rodents and frogs. While grass snakes can be beneficial to farmers by preying on rodents that might damage crops, they can also be a nuisance by invading homes or gardens. Residents are advised to be vigilant if they encounter a grass snake and to contact local authorities if one is sighted. Mysteriously, two grass snakes found in Utah overnight! Grass snakes, also called green snakes because of their chosen habitats, are a common sight in North America. These thin and long reptiles often enter gardens and meadows in search of food, which usuall

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Grass snakes are the perfect pets for people who want to own a snake, but don't want to deal with the hassle of a full-sized snake.2. Grass snakes make great house pets because they are non-venomous and easy to take care of.3. Grass snakes are often mistaken for rattlesnakes, so be careful when you're out hiking in areas where they live!

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